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Michelle Gutzait

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Signature Michelle Gutzait Principal Consultant - SQL & Databases

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I have been involved in IT for almost 20 years as a developer, business analyst and database consultant. I worked exclusively with Microsoft SQL Server for the past 10 years, consulting for many and diverse clients. My skills include infrastructure and database design, performance tuning, security, high availability and clustering, consolidation analysis, disaster recovery, very large databases, Replication, T-SQL coding and optimization, DTS/SSIS packages, administrative and infrastructure tools development, Reporting Services, Amalysis Services, MIIS, training developers and DBAs and more. Before SQL Server, I have been working as an Oracle developer, Business Analyst and development team lead for 9 years. As a consultant, I am also familiar with a variety of languages, tools and environments. I am a business-oriented consultant with a high-level vision. I am also writing technical articles in the SearchSqlServer WEB site, on a regular basis.

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