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Johan Bijnens (ALZDBA)

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Location Belgium
Occupation system administrator
Interests family, windsurfing, riding my motorbike, volley.

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About Johan Bijnens (ALZDBA)

I walked through a career as COBOL/Assembler developer, using VSAM, IMS on a mainframe, operational responsible for a subset of data and production applications and technical analyst with a group of up to 6 programmers in my team. In 1994 I participated in the introduction of DB2 in the company and was performance related mid-person in between of the development teams and the DA/DBA-team. In 1996 I became fulltime DBA for DB2 and IMSdb-dc for as well development as production systems. Since 1999 I moved over to ALZ (currently Ugine & ALZ, member of the ArcelorMittal Group) to support the full envelope of DB2 and IMS-DC for this stainless steel company. In 2000 SQLServer became part of my life and also Oracle got demystified. Since 2001 I spend +- 80 % of my time to SQLServer. The other 20% are spread over DB2 and Oracle (backup & recovery and SQL-support).

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