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  • Disaster Recovery for Your Windows Mobile Phone

    Right after doing a hard reset of my Windows Mobile phone, I realized that my phone’s contacts hadn’t been backed up. Now that’s a disaster! I had Kalen Delaney’s and Paul Nielsen’s cell phone numbers on my cell phone – not something to lose. From the MVP newsgroup for Windows Mobile devices, I found out about the beta version of Microsoft ...
    Posted to John Paul Cook (Weblog) by John Paul Cook on April 12, 2009
  • Finding Tables Without Referential Integrity

    Following up on yesterday's post from Louis, sometimes you encounter databases with missing referential integrity constraints. Even when the database is intended to have RI, accidents happen. Maybe a script dropped RI constraints before a bulk load and didn't quite get all of the constraints recreated. Whatever the reason, it's good to have a ...
    Posted to John Paul Cook (Weblog) by John Paul Cook on April 8, 2009
  • Keep Your Server Clean by Using Virtual Applications

    It's pretty well understood that it's highly desirable to keep servers lean and mean. But what do you do when you need to use a tool, particularly if it is needed only once? You could install the utility application and then remove it, but that does introduce risk. Virtual applications provide the answer. You can actually run an application ...
    Posted to John Paul Cook (Weblog) by John Paul Cook on January 30, 2008
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