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  • Automating dm_exec_query_stats and dm_db_index_usage_stats analysis

    Everyone should know by now how really useful the DMVs dm_exec_query_stats, and dm_db_index_usage_stats and the associated DMFs for obtaining the SQL and XML plan: dm_exec_sql_text, dm_exec_query_plan, and dm_exec_text_query_plan. Of course it has been explained that dm_exec_query_stats is not a replacement for SQL Server Profiler and SQL Trace. ...
    Posted to Joe Chang (Weblog) by jchang on June 22, 2009
  • Match those types!

    This is a recommendation I believe is worth repeating from time to time: Make sure you match data types when you write TSQL code. Else you in most cases end up with an implicit data type conversion. And in worst case, this conversion is performed at the column side - not the literal side of your query. What does that mean? Consider below: WHERE ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on April 28, 2009
  • Sp_indexinfo updated

    For a long while, I've had a few things I wanted to add for sp_indexinfo (my procedure which returns bunch of information for indexes). Dejan Sarka suggested adding XML indexes as well as making the column list look nicer. I've also had a request to add some documentation of what the procedure returns. Done. ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on February 18, 2009
  • Execution plan re-use, sp_executesql and TSQL variables

    Let me start by saying that the contents of this post is not very advanced. If you have read the excellent paper ''Batch Compilation, Recompilation, and Plan Caching Issues in SQL Server 2005'', and understood it, you would already know below, and much more... I was reading a ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on August 29, 2008
  • Are inserts quicker to heap or clustered tables?

    Is it quicker and/or lower overhead to insert into a heap vs. a clustered table?I don't know. So I decided to do a test. Some background information first: The test was inspired from a sidebar with Gert-Jan Strik in the open newsgroups. Basically I expressed that a heap doesn't automatically carry lower overhead... just because it is a heap. Now, ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on August 14, 2008
  • Yet some more fixes for sp_indexinfo...

    I got some more feedback (see yesterday's blog post on this) which I now incorporated into sp_indexinfo. See change log at bottom of the article for details.
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on July 9, 2008
  • New version of sp_indexinfo

    (See my initial blog post for general information about this proc.) I just updated sp_indexinfo a bit: I added the schema name as a new column in the output of the first resultset. I added an optional second resultset with missing index information. This information is obviously drawn from the missing index dynamic management views. ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on July 8, 2008
  • Fed up with hunting physical index details?

    I am. I find myself endlessly hunting for index information when working against the various SQL Servers I come in contact with. And, sure, the information is there. You just need to go and get it. This generally means that I start with sp_helpindex. Then some SELECT from sys.indexes. Then some more against sys.partitions and sys.allocation units ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on July 7, 2008
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