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  • Hash Partition as a Design Method

    SQL Server 2005 does not support hash partition as a product feature. But that doesn't mean you can't apply the concept of hash partition in your application or database design. Recently, I worked on an application that used SQL Server to persist the customized ASP.NET session state information, similar to the SQL Server mode for ASP.NET session ...
    Posted to Linchi Shea (Weblog) by Linchi Shea on January 22, 2007
  • More on string reversal!

    In the last installment, I showed a potentially fastest method using Array.Reverse.After finding and fixing a bug in method #3 posted in my last installment (it is, in fact, quite a bit faster than method #1 when you don't have a big huge bug in the code <g>) creating a new method, and hearing from Mladenp about a method he came up with, I ...
    Posted to Adam Machanic (Weblog) by Adam Machanic on July 17, 2006
  • Reversing a string in .NET

    Over in the Simple-Talk forums, there is a good thread going about how best to reverse a string in .NET, since no string reverse method is included in the BCL.A few suggestions were made, and someone implied that they were too complex and that simplicity is the most important factor.  Personally, I wonder -- does complexity really matter in ...
    Posted to Adam Machanic (Weblog) by Adam Machanic on July 17, 2006
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