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  • Page splits, extended events, index page allocation and all the fish

    2 years ago I wrote about monitoring page splits with Extended Events. Only 2 bloggers explored Extended Events feature at that time, so my post was more of a learning than for any practical matter. Yet one question remained open: according to straightforward calculations, after 3 splits of the first page, next split should have occurred on ...
    Posted to Michael Zilberstein (Weblog) by mz1313 on April 25, 2011
  • Monitoring page splits with Extended Events

    After reading Kalen Delaney's post about single insert causing 10 page splits, I wanted to see those splits in detail - their order at first place. And in SQL Server 2008 there is a way to trace splits - using new Extended Events infrastructure. Here is simple script that creates the trace and afterwards displays results. First of all, create and ...
    Posted to Michael Zilberstein (Weblog) by mz1313 on February 5, 2009
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