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  • PASS Chapter map

    Displaying information on an interactive map really isn’t that hard to do. My friends John & Bronwen have been doing this stuff for ages through their company Soul Solutions, and have done lots of talks about how to do this. They have the ability to take that stuff far beyond what I can, but as it’s a significant aspect of data visualisation, ...
    Posted to Rob Farley (Weblog) by rob_farley on June 28, 2010
  • Fetching Latitude and Longitude Co-ordinates for Addresses using PowerShell

    Regular readers of my blog (at – please let me know if you’re reading this elsewhere) may be aware that I’ve been doing more and more with spatial data recently. With the now-available SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services including maps, it’s a topic that interests many people. Interestingly though, although many people have plenty ...
    Posted to Rob Farley (Weblog) by rob_farley on May 23, 2010
  • Spatial data from shapefiles (for T-SQL Tuesday #006)

    I’m giving a presentation on May 12th at the Adelaide .Net User Group, around the topic of spatial data, and in particular, the visualization of said data. Given that it’s about one the larger types, this post should also count towards Michael Coles’ T-SQL Tuesday on BLOB data. I wrote recently about my experience with exploded data, but what I ...
    Posted to Rob Farley (Weblog) by rob_farley on May 10, 2010
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