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  • Almost…

    This is my 899th post at And my last. I made it to almost 900 posts and to almost 10 years. Blogging at SqlBlog has been an honor. I’ve described the site as “a bunch of really smart bloggers. Plus me!” I’d like to thank Adam Machanic for inviting me way back in July 2007 – and for putting up with my shenanigans all these years. ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on June 21, 2017
  • My Best Blog Posts from 2015

    ALWAYS LEARNINGAbout mid-way into August of 2015, I learned some important new factors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that caused me to make some big changes to the way in which I blogged. Namely - simply reposting a slight variant of a given blog post could hurt your overall SEO rankings for any or all of the given posts. Now you ...
    Posted to Kevin Kline (Weblog) by KKline on January 29, 2016
  • Bootstrapping SQL Server bloggers and blog readers with Twitter!

    On 17th December 2009 Aaron Nelson (you may know him as @sqlvariant) had a great idea – he invented the #SQLHelp hashtag; with a little kickstart from Brent Ozar the idea grew and #SQLHelp became a successful QnA channel in the SQL Server community and is today going from strength to strength. I’m a great advocate of SQLHelp and not just because ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on March 3, 2013
  • New Developments at

    What's Going on at the news broke that I was leaving Quest, I've gotten a lot of questions about the future of (SSP).  For those of you who don't know, SSP is a very popular community wiki and blog aggregator with nearly one hundred bloggers actively syndicating their content on the ...
    Posted to Kevin Kline (Weblog) by KKline on July 17, 2012
  • Greatest Hits : A reflection on my 2010 blog posts

    Okay, I'm following the lead of Joe Webb (blog | twitter), who recently posted ''My Most Popular Posts From 2010.''  I think it can be a very useful exercise to go back and look at what blog posts were popular and, arguably more importantly, which posts were most thought-provoking and generated the most dialog (whether it is praise, ...
    Posted to Aaron Bertrand (Weblog) by AaronBertrand on January 28, 2011
  • Blogging tips for SQL Server professionals

    For some time now I have been intending to put some material together relating my blogging experiences since I began blogging in 2004 and that led to me submitting a session for SQLBits recently where I intended to do just that. That didn’t get enough votes to allow me to present however so instead I resolved to write a blog post about it and ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on December 21, 2010
  • Blogging about what to blog about

    When I entered the title of this post, a big yellow exclamation mark (inside a dull gray triangle) appeared above my head: ''Warning: potential circular reference!''  But I think it's useful once in a while to step back and think about what you typically blog about, and how it can impact the community.  Simon Sabin made a brief post ...
    Posted to Aaron Bertrand (Weblog) by AaronBertrand on September 2, 2009
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