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  • Bad Habits to Kick : Thinking a WHILE loop isn't a CURSOR

    I see a lot of people suggest while loops instead of cursors in situations where row-based processing is required (or, at least, where folks think that row-based processing is required). Sometimes the justification is that constructing a while loop is simpler and more straightforward than constructing a cursor. Others suggest that a while loop is ...
    Posted to Aaron Bertrand (Weblog) by AaronBertrand on January 26, 2012
  • When you don't follow your own "bad habits" advice...

    Today I came across a self-created problem that could have been avoided if I had only followed my own advice.  It wasn't directly and explicitly mentioned in this context, but the concept is the same.  Let's start with the source of the problem: one stored procedure that called another.  The first (''inner'') procedure was ...
    Posted to Aaron Bertrand (Weblog) by AaronBertrand on January 14, 2010
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