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  • Benefit from Unit Testing T-SQL: Ensure quick turnaround

    The biggest advantage of unit testing is the ability to make changes quickly, and with confidence that we have not broken anything with our change. Whether we need to speed up a query real quick, or to fix a bug, automated testing saves us a lot of time, especially if test failure is exposed in user friendly way. This post continues the series on ...
    Posted to Alexander Kuznetsov (Weblog) by Alexander Kuznetsov on November 3, 2010
  • Writing ANSI Standard SQL is not practical.

    Writing ANSI Standard SQL is not practical - this is the conclusion I came to after several years of writing portable applications, which had to work against both SQL Server and Oracle. Let me elaborate. The best practice is to use stored procedures. You do not want to issue SQL directly from your application. You want to invoke stored ...
    Posted to Alexander Kuznetsov (Weblog) by Alexander Kuznetsov on February 24, 2009
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