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  • Bit-Twiddling in SQL

    Someone posted a question to the SQL Server forum the other day asking how to count runs of zero bits in an integer using SQL.  Basically the poster wanted to know how to efficiently determine the longest contiguous string of zero-bits (known as a run of bits) in any given 32-bit integer.  Here are a couple ...
    Posted to Michael Coles: Sergeant SQL (Weblog) by Mike C on April 3, 2010
  • Yet Another Stored Procedure vs. Ad-hoc Query Discussion?

    Earlier today, Will Sullivan posted a blog entry, My Statement on Stored Procedures, in which he emphatically states his official opinion of stored procedures as: ''I prefer not to use them.'' He then goes about dismissing most of the misinformation about why stored procedures are better than ad-hoc (parameterized) queries. The first bit of ...
    Posted to Peter DeBetta's SQL Programming Blog (Weblog) by Peter DeBetta on April 3, 2008
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