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  • SQLBits Presentation Materials

    After a week of data recovery (see my blog post here) and travel via train with no internet access, I've finally been able to get my presentation materials together from the Training Day and two regular sessions I did at SQL Bits #9 in Liverpool last week.  I've uploaded the materials here for the training day.  If you were in the room ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on October 8, 2011
  • [Speaking] Scripting SQL Server Objects with PowerShell

    In conjunction with the launch of Red Gate's SQL Source Control product, I'm presenting a webinar on Thursday, November 18 at noon EST. I'll present an introduction to PowerShell for those who've never seen it, walk through the basics of the SQL Server SMO Object Model, so you can see how SQL Server organizes all it's objects, then show you a ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on November 17, 2010
  • SQL Connections Presentations

    This week I presented two sessions at the Fall 2010 SQL Connections conference, in Las Vegas, Automating Policy-Based Management Using PowerShell and Managing SQL Server System and Performance Data with PowerShell. I thorougly enjoyed doing both presentations and for the most part got some great questions. I'm attaching the decks and demo scripts ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on November 5, 2010
  • Speaking about SQL Server and PowerShell

    I'll be presenting my session on Use PowerShell to Get the Most out of SQL Server twice today. This session is a one-hour intro to PowerShell and how to use it to connect with and manage SQL Server. Here's the full abstract: PowerShell is the new scripting environment from Microsoft for managing server environments. Because PowerShell supports ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on October 13, 2010
  • PASS PowerShell/SQL Server PreCon

    PowerShell is an amazing tool to help you automate your administrative processes. There are a lot of books and online sources to help you learn PowerShell, but how do you learn how to use it with SQL Server? Simple, just sign up for my PASS PreCon session. Here's the outline: Use PowerShell to Get the Most out of SQL Server Module 1: ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on August 19, 2010
  • PASS Demonstration Errors

    Errors occur. (I'm sure that's someone's corollary to Stuff Happens.) Errors occur, and that's why we write error handling code in our applications. My least favorite time for the occurrance of errors is when I'm doing demos, and that's what happened in a presentation I did at PASS last week. I try to test everything before giving the demos, ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on November 24, 2008
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