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  • When a user logs on to SQL Server, they receive the error “Cannot open user default database. Login failed.” What’s wrong?

    Good Question! This is one of those error messages that you will eventually encounter in SQL Server if you work with it enough. A login’s default database is a delicate thing that will prevent them from being able to logon if there is a problem. The default database defines which database the user will be automatically logged into if they ...
    Posted to Eric Johnson (Weblog) by ejohnson2010 on October 27, 2008
  • Fixing Orphaned Users

    This is a problem that plagues DBAs everywhere. When you restore a database, you run the risk of orphaning the users in the database. All users are linked via a SID to a login and if you have SQL Server logins, who’s SIDs are managed by SQL Server, you are at risk. Typically a restore to the same server from which the backup was taken ...
    Posted to Eric Johnson (Weblog) by ejohnson2010 on October 17, 2008
  • Scripting SQL Server Logins

    You ever find yourself with the need to copy SQL Server logins from one server to another? Maybe you are setting up a failover site, building a replacement server, setting up a reporting instance, or maybe you just want to backup the logins just in case. If you are using Windows Logins, this is a simple matter of scripting the login and applying ...
    Posted to Eric Johnson (Weblog) by ejohnson2010 on September 30, 2008
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