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  • SSAS: Reference materialized dimension might produce incorrect results

    Reference dimensions let you create a relationship between a measure group and a dimension using an intermediate dimension to act as a bridge between them. In the Adventure Works demo, for example, they are used to link reseller sales and orders to the geography dimension. Now, something that is less evident is how this specific kind of ...
    Posted to Alberto Ferrari (Weblog) by AlbertoFerrari on February 25, 2009
  • Dimensional modeling with Ranged Dimensions

    A ranged dimension is a dimension that is used to have a discrete view of a continuous measure. A good example of this is the analysis of amount sold per order. In AdventureWorks we have, for each line of an order, the amount and quantity sold. We would like to divide orders in three groups (HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW) based on the total of the order. This ...
    Posted to Alberto Ferrari (Weblog) by AlbertoFerrari on September 6, 2007
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