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  • Default value for OLE DB Destination FastLoadMaxInsertCommitSize in SQL Server 2008 [SSIS]

    The FastLoadMaxInsertCommitSize property of the OLE DB Destination is used to determine how many rows should be committed as a single transaction when using the FastLoad option. In SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2005 the default value for this property was zero which meant “regardless of the number of rows, commit all of them under a ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on March 6, 2010
  • CozyRoc demonstration videos

    Lately I have been working with software vendor CozyRoc to help them demonstrate their wares to the SSIS community. As part of that work I have produced a series of videos that demonstrate ten of the tasks and components that CozyRoc provide for to help you with your SSIS development. Here is a list of those videos along with links to them on ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on February 14, 2010
  • Visio stencils for SSIS

    My colleague Peter Avenant pointed out to me today that there are some Visio stencils available for SSIS. According to a blog post entitled Useful Visio stencil set for SQL Server 2005 by Josh Robinson they can be downloaded in a zip file and indeed, at the time of writing, they can. However, the supposed accompanying web page no longer exists ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on February 3, 2010
  • Twitter Search Term Extraction

    During my presentation A whistlestop tour of SSIS addins yesterday at SQLBits I demonstrated how Jessica Moss & Andy Leonard’s Twitter Task could be used in conjunction with SSIS’s Term Extraction component to discover what people might be saying in their replies to a Twitter user. The Term Extraction component is a little-known and ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on November 22, 2009
  • Sort transform arbitration [SSIS]

    This post was prompted by a thread on the MSDN SSIS forum today where the poster was asking how he could replicate the behaviour of SSIS’s Sort transform using T-SQL, specifically he wanted to know how the Sort transform chooses what data to pass through when the “Remove Duplicates” option is checked. Let me give a bit more background. Take the ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on November 12, 2009
  • Things you might not know about Precedence Constraints : SSIS Nugget

    Precedence constraints are one of the most oft used features of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) but also often one of the most overlooked. In this blog post I’ll cover a couple of things that you might not know about them. The basics Most people typically use precedence constraints like this, with a green arrow: A green arrow here ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on October 10, 2009
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