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  • June 2013 release of SSDT contains a minor bug that you should be aware of

    I have discovered what seems, to me, like a bug in the June 2013 release of SSDT and given the problems that it created yesterday on my current gig I thought it prudent to write this blog post to inform people of it. I’ve built a very simple SSDT project to reproduce the problem that has just two tables, [Table1] and [Table2], and also a ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on July 1, 2013
  • Connected development in SSDT versus SSMS

    When you install the database projects template of SSDT you get SQL Server Object Explorer (SSOX) installed as well. SSOX is a pane within Visual Studio and is the main enabler of the Connected Development experience that the SSDT team have attempted to provide. SSOX provides some really cool capabilities that are not in SQL Server Management ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on March 19, 2013
  • Deployment of client-specific database code using SSDT

    Yesterday I attended SQL Saturday 194 in Exeter for which many people deserve credit but especially the organisers Jonathan Allen & Annette Allen and the sponsors Fusion-IO, Confio Software, Nexus, Big Bang Data Company, Purple Frog Systems, Redgate, idera, Pluralsight, Jurys Inn Exeter & Wrox.  I gave a ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on March 10, 2013
  • Which version of SSDT Database Projects do I have installed?

    I'm afraid I can no longer commit to keeping this page up to date given the rapid cadence of releases and the fact that I am no longer an active user of SSDT. If someone wishes to pick up the mantle please let me know and I shall link to your page.  SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is released on a very regular cadence (note that I’m talking ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on February 8, 2013
  • Responses to SSDT questions

    My recent article Get to Know SQL Server 2012's SQL Server Data Tools prompted two questions to come to me via email and in the interests of sharing knowledge via search engines I thought I would answer them here rather than by simply replying by email (I hate that so much useful information gets trapped inside closed inboxes). Question: How ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on January 11, 2013
  • Get to Know SQL Server 2012's SQL Server Data Tools [article published]

    I recently wrote an article on SQL Server Data Tools for SQL Server Magazine and it has now been published online at Get to Know SQL Server 2012's SQL Server Data Tools. In the article I offer my thoughts and opinions on SQL Server Data Tools as it exists in SQL Server 2012. Note that the article refers to SSDT database projects only, there ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on January 9, 2013
  • New version of SQL Server Data Tools is now available

    If you don’t follow the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) blog then you may not know that two days ago an updated version of SSDT was released (and by SSDT I mean the database projects, not the SSIS/SSRS/SSAS stuff) along with a new version of the SSDT Power Tools. This release incorporates a an updated version of the SQL Server Data Tier Application ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on September 16, 2012
  • Bitmask data insertions in SSDT Post-Deployment scripts

    On my current project we are using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) to manage our database schema and one of the tasks we need to do often is insert data into that schema once deployed; the typical method employed to do this is to leverage Post-Deployment scripts and that is exactly what we are doing. Our requirement is a little different though, our ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on June 11, 2012
  • Smart defaults [SSDT]

    I’ve just discovered a new, somewhat hidden, feature in SSDT that I didn’t know about and figured it would be worth highlighting here because I’ll bet not many others know it either; the feature is called Smart Defaults. It gets around the problem of adding a NOT NULLable column to an existing table that has got data in it – previous to SSDT you ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on May 31, 2012
  • Redistribution of sqlpackage.exe [SSDT]

    This is a short note for anyone that may be interested in redistributing sqlpackage.exe. If this isn’t you then no need to keep reading. Ostensibly this is here for anyone that bingles for this information. sqlpackage.exe is a command-line that ships with SQL Server Development Tools (SSDT) in SQL Server 2012 and its main purpose (amongst other ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on May 30, 2012
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