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  • SSMS Tips and Tricks: Scripting Inserts

    Sometimes you need to be able to script the loading of a table. SSIS and the Import/Export Wizard can do this, but there are times when you really need a complete set of insert statements. Red Gate’s SQL Data Compare or SQL Packager can do this, but not everybody has the budget for a commercial tool. SQL Server Management Studio 2008 can script ...
    Posted to John Paul Cook (Weblog) by John Paul Cook on October 13, 2009
  • Exploring Composable DML

    SQL Server 2008 includes a new feature called “Composable DML” which I hadn’t heard about until I read Adam’s post Dr. OUTPUT or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the MERGE. Composable DML is a new feature in T-SQL that allows you to use the data provided by the OUTPUT clause of a DML (i.e. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) statement as a derived ...
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by jamiet on August 30, 2009
  • Heaps, forwarding pointers, ALTER TABLE REBUILD and non-clustered indexes

    Let's start with some background on forwarding pointers: Forwarding pointers in heaps can be a mess to get rid of. A forwarding pointer happens when you modify a row so that the row doesn't fit on the same page anymore. SQL Server moves the row to a new page and leaves a forwarding pointer where the old row used to be. This means that ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on August 28, 2009
  • SQL Server 2008 on Windows 7

    SQL Server 2008 will install on Windows 7 and it works just fine – although you may need to reboot Window 7 before successfully installing SQL Server 2008. Both Aaron Bertrand and I got this error from the installer before we rebooted: Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created. Once you succeed ...
    Posted to John Paul Cook (Weblog) by John Paul Cook on August 10, 2009
  • PowerShell's "Mini-Shell" Is Not A "Mini" Shell

    I just learned about a Connect item entered on Friday: Here's the description in the item. Please invoke the full powershell not a ''mini-shell''. Powershell is very powerful but the mini-shell you get when invoking Powershell from the Management Studio ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on July 20, 2009
  • Spooky: What do you connect to?

    I only recently discovered that SSMS will connect to different things. For instance, press the ''New query'' button. What were you connected to? The answer is the same server as your ''current'' server. But what is the current server? It is the server where you happened to have focus when the pressed the ''New query'' button. So, can you say ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on June 26, 2009
  • PowerShell Whitepaper Published

    My first whitepaper for Microsoft, Understanding and Using PowerShell Support in SQL Server 2008 has been published. It was a great honor to have been selected to write the paper, and I thank Kalen Delaney for giving me the opportunity. I hope you find it useful. Allen
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on June 13, 2009
  • Tracking Deprecated Features

    This week I'm in Brno, Czech Republic leading an App Compat seminar for Microsoft clients here, and one of the things we need to look for in their applications is the use of deprecated features. I was poking around the sys.os_performance_counters DMV and discovered the [sqlinstance]:Deprecated Features object and found that if your application ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on May 26, 2009
  • sp_altermessage is back in business!

    Just a quick note that we again can modify whether system messages are to go to eventlog/errorlog again. I.e., we can change the is_event_logged column in sys.messages. This is very valuable in general and specifically is you want to define Agent alerts (for which Agent polls the Eventlog). For instance: SELECT * FROM sys.messages WHERE ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on May 14, 2009
  • [Nashville] Presentation: Administering SQL Server 2008

    As many of you know I run marathons. My next one is on Saturday in Nashville, the Country Music Marathon. Timing sometimes is our best asset, and so it is here in that the Nashville SQL Server Users Group is meeting on Friday at noon. They were kind enough to ask me to do my presentation on new features and administering SQL Server 2008. In ...
    Posted to Allen White (Weblog) by AllenMWhite on April 23, 2009
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