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  • Policy Based Management Evaluation Modes

    Dan Jones wrote a great post about Facets from the new Policy-Based Management feature of SQL Server 2008. At one point in the post, he listed all of the available facets and their supported evaluation modes. Since SQL Server 2008 is not RTM, and since facets can be added in the future, I thought I'd write a query that would list the facets and ...
    Posted to Peter DeBetta's SQL Programming Blog (Weblog) by Peter DeBetta on June 16, 2008
  • I'll trade you consistency for meeting your deadline

    While playing with the new Policy-Based Management (PBM) features of SQL Server 2008 the other day, I came across a really annoying syntax implementation that is going to trip up a lot of people unless it is fixed.  We all know how DATEADD works: SELECT DATEADD(DAY, 1, GETDATE()); Sadly, because an expression for a condition is ...
    Posted to Aaron Bertrand (Weblog) by AaronBertrand on April 3, 2008
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