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  • Maintain Database Partial Availability

    In SQL Server 2005, the basic unit of availability is filegroups. A database can remain online as long as the primary filegroup and the transaction log are online. In addition, if a data file is damaged or missing, only its user-defined filegroup becomes unavailable; all the other user-defined filegroups remain online. This ability to keep a ...
    Posted to Linchi Shea (Weblog) by Linchi Shea on February 26, 2007
  • Some VLDB Availability Tidbits

    When dealing with VLDB availability, I found it useful to keep in mind a set of simple and general guidelines. Let me highlight them here.    1. Identify VLDB Early in the Application Lifecycle The importance of this is rather self evident. But it is often ignored in practice, and it may take a high-profile outage for people to wake ...
    Posted to Linchi Shea (Weblog) by Linchi Shea on January 2, 2007
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