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  • Deletes that Split Pages and Forwarded Ghosts

    Can DELETE operations cause pages to split?  Yes.  It sounds counter-intuitive on the face of it; deleting rows frees up space on a page, and page splitting occurs when a page needs additional space.  Nevertheless, there are circumstances when deleting rows causes them to expand before they can be deleted.  The mechanism at ...
    Posted to Page Free Space (Weblog) by Paul White on August 30, 2012
  • Can a SELECT query cause page splits?

    Books Online has this to say about page splits: When a new row is added to a full index page, the Database Engine moves approximately half the rows to a new page to make room for the new row.  This reorganization is known as a page split.  A page split makes room for new records, but can take time to perform and is a resource ...
    Posted to Page Free Space (Weblog) by Paul White on August 29, 2011
  • Some Simple Code To Show The Difference Between Newid And Newsequentialid

    Some Simple Code To Show The Difference Between Newid And NewsequentialidIn SQL Server 2000 we got the uniqueidentifier data type and the newid() functionLots of people thought that newid() would be very handy to create some unique values across all databases.Newid() is nice but it has a little side effect; it causes terrible page splits because ...
    Posted to Denis Gobo (Weblog) by Denis Gobo on February 5, 2009
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