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  • Performance impact: Speeding up SMO script generation – the test code

    The attached is the C# code that I used for generating the test results charted in my previous post.   Note that for testing no generated script is actually persisted into a file by this program. The Script() method is applied, but the resulting script strings are thrown away. For example, here is how a stored procedure is ...
    Posted to Linchi Shea (Weblog) by Linchi Shea on December 15, 2009
  • Performance impact: Speeding up SMO script generation

    Generating scripts through SMO can be as simple as walking down the database object tree and applying the Script() method to each scriptable object. Well, that is until you start to try it on a database that has a large number of objects (say a few thousands), and the long wait the becomes rather frustrating. I’m not talking about such ...
    Posted to Linchi Shea (Weblog) by Linchi Shea on December 13, 2009
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