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  • Adventures in the Land of CloudDB/NoSQL/NoAcid

    Cloud, Bunny, or CloudBunny? Last year, some of my friends from Quest Software attended Hadoop World in New York. In 2009, I never would've guessed that Quest would be there with products, community initiatives, as a major sponsor and with presenters? There were just under 1,000 attendees who weren’t the typical devheads and geekasaurs ...
    Posted to Kevin Kline (Weblog) by KKline on February 18, 2011
  • Are you replacing Temp Tables with Snapshot Isolation?

    My office is a cross-platform shop with both Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2000/5/8. Lately we've started doing some cross-training, so that all the DBAs, the theory at least, could function on either platform. The Oracle guys, I'm afraid, are way out ahead of me in this regard. In my defense, though, I have to manage more than 100 servers to their ...
    Posted to Merrill Aldrich (Weblog) by merrillaldrich on October 6, 2010
  • Book Review: Oracle Database Administration for Microsoft SQL Server DBAs

    Working in mixed database environments is a very interesting challenge, both for DBAs and developers. If we already have experience with SQL Server, and need to work with Oracle, our SQL Server experience may be an advantage  - we already have a good handle on what an RDBMS should do (backups, restores, etc.). On the other hand, our ...
    Posted to Alexander Kuznetsov (Weblog) by Alexander Kuznetsov on September 27, 2010
  • New on - Presentation: SQL Server for Oracle DBAs

    Back in late May, my pal Buck Woody (blog | twitter) and I presented SQL Server for the Oracle DBA.  Buck played Jerry Lewis' role, while I played the straight man a la Dean Martin.  You can see the recording and slide deck here.  Since both Buck and I spent a considerable number of years working on Oracle, we felt like we had ...
    Posted to Kevin Kline (Weblog) by KKline on August 2, 2010
  • Oracle 11gs - 2 Observations

    two observations from this eWeek review of Oracle 11gs first - Oracle is chasing SQL Server's ease of use. second - Sr. Oracle DBAs aren't very pleased.  
    Posted to Paul Nielsen (Weblog) by Paul Nielsen on March 28, 2008
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