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  • Timewarp: What Is a Relational Database?

    Relational?!? Move On, Geezer!Maybe you're thinking that relational databases management systems (RDBMSs), like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, are going the way of punched cards and rotary phones.  After all, there's been a lot of hype these days in the IT media about the rise of so-called NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases. ...
    Posted to Kevin Kline (Weblog) by KKline on September 5, 2012
  • SQL Server Migration Roll-Up

    There are so many great tools out there for data professionals using Microsoft SQL Server.  I really like to see all of these great tools made free to the public.  On the other hand, I'm bummed that the tools are cast about in a very decentralized fashion. If you haven't done migrations before, you might want to start with these ...
    Posted to Kevin Kline (Weblog) by KKline on May 2, 2011
  • Log Buffer #21: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

    Hello, there!  You’ve somehow managed to navigate your way through the blogosphere and into the 21st edition of Log Buffer.   It’s fitting that this is the 21st edition, because that just so happens to be the legal drinking age here in the United States. And the folks over at Oracle sure need a drink or three this week. Computerworld’s ...
    Posted to Adam Machanic (Weblog) by Adam Machanic on December 1, 2006
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