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  • Do people want help? I mean, real help?

    Or do they just want to continue with their old habits? The reason for this blog post is that I the last week have tried to help people on several forums. Most of them just want to know how to solve their current problem and there is no harm in that. But when I recognize the same poster the very next day with a similar problem I ask ...
    Posted to Peter Larsson (Weblog) by Peso on July 24, 2011
  • The impossible thing happened...

    Yesterday I got the brilliant idea to format my laptop and reinstall Windows 7 from scratch.I've had a few problem last month, mostly due to upgrading the preinstalled Vista to Windows 7.Said and done, I boldly finished the installation and thought everything was ok. I mean, my email is IMAP so all email are stored at my ISP, all my relevant ...
    Posted to Peter Larsson (Weblog) by Peso on February 3, 2010
  • Invitation to startup meeting for PASS Scania

    PASS Scania is a new PASS chapter in Sweden which will promote the interest, networking and knowledge for professional SQL Server-users such as developers, DBA's and BI-specialist in Skåne. The Chapter also has a business alliance with an existing usergroup SQLUG.   All developers who use SQL Server platform in their work is welcome to ...
    Posted to Peter Larsson (Weblog) by Peso on January 27, 2010
  • Air New Zealand outsourcing problems with IBM Global Services

    Has anyone recently encountered a case of SQL Server being migrated to DB2 on mainframe? Linux or zOS? Whose fault is this? the data center operator? or ANZ for not having functioning ...
    Posted to Joe Chang (Weblog) by jchang on October 12, 2009
  • New baby DBA

    Today our son was born. A healthy baby of 4.4 kg (9.8 lbs) and 53 cm (20.9 inches).Both mother and son are well, and spend the night at the safety on the hospital.Water broke 2:45 am this morning and we were admitted to the ward at 4:21. Our son was born without complications at 5:06 am.Big sisters Isabelle (23 months) and Filippa (5.5 yr) are ...
    Posted to Peter Larsson (Weblog) by Peso on October 4, 2009
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