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  • Database Testing Links

    Yesterday at the SQL PASS 2010 Summit I did a presentation on database testing - I have two sets of links I mentioned there, one for the information I presented and the other for various tools I've tried. Enjoy: More information on Database Testing and Testing ...
    Posted to Buck Woody (Weblog) by BuckWoody on November 10, 2010
  • Links for Patterns and Practices for the Data Professional

    I spoke at a meeting last evening in Richmond, Virginia (thanks everyone there for being such a great group) about ''Patterns and Practices for the Data Professional''. Here are the links I mentioned in that class: Links for Patterns and Practices   I delivered a “Patterns and Practices for the Database Professional” ...
    Posted to Buck Woody (Weblog) by BuckWoody on September 10, 2010
  • Presentation Links: SQL Server Performance Tuning (Quest)

    I worked with a team of folks brought together by Quest software, and we presented multiple sessions on SQL Server Performance Tuning. Here are the links I mentioned during those presentations:   Blitz! SQL Server Takeovers (Brent)   You're minding your own business in your corner office - well, no, you're a DBA, so it's just your ...
    Posted to Buck Woody (Weblog) by BuckWoody on July 21, 2010
  • Data-tier Applications in SQL Server 2008 R2

    I had the privilege of presenting to the Adelaide SQL Server User Group in Australia last evening, and I covered the Data Access Component (DAC) and the Utility Control Point (UCP) from SQL Server 2008 R2. Here are some links from that presentation:   Whitepaper: Tutorials: ...
    Posted to Buck Woody (Weblog) by BuckWoody on May 25, 2010
  • SQL Server for the Oracle DBA Links

    I do a presentation (and a class) called ''SQL Server for the Oracle DBA''. It's a non-marketing overview that gives you the basics of working with SQL Server if you're already familiar wtih how Oracle works. This class and these links DO NOT help you with ''Why should I use Oracle/SQL Server instead of Oracle/SQL Server'' - I'll assume you're ...
    Posted to Buck Woody (Weblog) by BuckWoody on April 28, 2010
  • Consolidation Strategy References

    I have a presentation that I give on SQL Server Consolidation Strategies, and in that presentation I talk about a few links that are useful. Here are some that I’ve found – feel free to comment on more, or if these links go stale:   Consolidation using SQL Server: ...
    Posted to Buck Woody (Weblog) by BuckWoody on March 9, 2010
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