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  • Geek City: SQL Server 2008 Internals is Orderable!

      Less than a week ago, I told you about making some major progress on my new book, and that it would ''soon'' be pre-orderable. It turns out it already was orderable, as my helpful readers let me know.  So here is the link to Amazon, for all of you who want to get the book as soon as it hits the streets! I just searched through my ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on October 23, 2008
  • Geek City: How SQL Server Detects the Correct Versioned Rows

    Here is a question I just received from the feedback page on my web site: I have finished the book <the storage engine> and like it very much. I am now reading <query tuning and optimization> I know in the READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT isolation, when a row is being modified in a transaction, it generates an old committed version so ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on April 3, 2008
  • Did You Know? I'm Going Down Under Again!

    Most of my trips to the Southern Hemisphere have been in my summer, or their winter, which doesn't lend itself to the best weather conditions. Although on my last trip, I was able to take a week holiday with my husband and travel North to the Whitsunday Islands, where the weather was wonderful even in the middle of winter, as you can ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on November 29, 2007
  • Did You Know? SP2 does NOT limit the amount of plan cache you can have

      As I am preparing my talk for the UK SQL Server Users Group on November 16, I was going through other presentations on plan cache management. At the PASS Conference in Denver in September there was a session on management of cache, and I was surprised to find a slide that indicated there was a hard upper limit for plan cache size, and ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on November 4, 2007
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