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  • Did You Know: Specifying Checkpoint Duration

    I realize probably no one reads Books Online cover to cover, so there are probably lots of little details that easily slip by you. I was introduced to one of the hidden 'features' just last week. Here it is: CHECKPOINT can take a parameter! It's right there in BOL:  CHECKPOINT [ checkpoint_duration ] This parameter allows you to specify ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on August 29, 2008
  • When a Function is indeed a Constant

    In my last blog post: I mentioned that I ran across a situation in which GETDATE() used in a SELECT statement occasionally returned more than 1 value for the result set. That sparked quite a debate amongst SQL Server programmers who belonged to ...
    Posted to Andrew Kelly (Weblog) by Andrew Kelly on March 1, 2008
  • Getting back to the basics with I/O

           One of the most common trends that I see related to performance & scalability with SQL Server is a poorly configured or implemented storage subsystem. There is a ton of information out there on this subject but in my opinion that is part of the problem.  Too much data is not always a good thing and there ...
    Posted to Andrew Kelly (Weblog) by Andrew Kelly on January 13, 2008
  • Exists Vs. Count(*) - The battle never ends...

        I am still amazed at how many of the database applications written today still disregard some basic rules of thumb when it comes to accessing the data. One in particular is the use of COUNT(*) to check to see if there are any rows that match some criteria. The technique of using EXISTS over COUNT(*) has been widely publicized ...
    Posted to Andrew Kelly (Weblog) by Andrew Kelly on December 15, 2007
  • Did You Know? It's in the Books Online!

    Did you know you can ALTER an existing column to give it the identity property? If you look up ALTER TABLE in the BOL index, you'll see this: ALTER TABLE table_name   { [ ALTER COLUMN column_name        {DROP DEFAULT |          SET DEFAULT ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on July 13, 2007
  • Want to get rid of "Compact Edition" from Books Online?

    I'm sure that some of you have been annoyed when searching or using the index and found a hit, thinking it looks strange, only to realize that you are looking at a ''Compact Edition'' topic. This has happened to me more than once. We just had a discussion about this in the MVP group and Umachandar Jayachandran (aka UC) have use this great ...
    Posted to Tibor Karaszi (Weblog) by TiborKaraszi on July 13, 2007
  • SQL Server Samples Blog

    On a private newsgroup I read, the question was asked: ''Samples in or out of the box? For the next release of SQL Server we're thinking of just shipping sample code on the web, instead of shipping on the web and also in the SQL Server box on a CD as we have done in the past.'' And I replied (amongst other things) that it would be nice if ...
    Posted to Louis Davidson (Weblog) by drsql on October 11, 2006
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