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  • Constructive versus Deconstructive

    I have been struggling to find a way to describe the fundamentals of first normal form for my PASS presentation, and this came to mind last night.  SQL works in a very constructive way, meaning that if you have base values (commonly referred to as atomic, or scalar values) then you can build up the view that you want.  However, have ...
    Posted to Louis Davidson (Weblog) by drsql on October 18, 2006
  • When is denormalization the best thing?

    Oh no, you may be thinking, he has gone off the deep end.  Preparing for his talk on normalization at PASS this year he has finally cracked and said ''to heck with it, just denormalize...'' If you thought that, shame on you, and minus 10 points for you.  No, there is one very prominent place where most any database architect will tell ...
    Posted to Louis Davidson (Weblog) by drsql on October 10, 2006
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