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  • Your Transaction is in Jeopardy -- and You Can't Even Know It!

    If you're reading this, please take one minute out of your day and vote for the following Connect item: If you're really interested, take three minutes: run the steps to reproduce the ...
    Posted to Adam Machanic (Weblog) by Adam Machanic on June 26, 2012
  • Geek City: Why I still need Sysprocesses

    I've said many times that my favorite new feature in SQL Server 2005 is the new metadata, in particular the new Dynamic Management Objects. When I have to do troubleshooting on a SQL Server 2000 system, it is worse than painful, not to have my favorite tools like sys.dm_tran_locks, sys.dm_exec_cached_plans andsys.dm_exec_query_plan. By now, on the ...
    Posted to Kalen Delaney (Weblog) by Kalen Delaney on June 29, 2008
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