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  • An Open Letter to the SQL Community: Requests of Speakers

    (Part 2 of 2 -about and for Speakers.) &nbsp; In the previous article, Speakers were acknowledged for their dedication, passion, sacrifices, and contributions to the global SQL Server community, graciously providing tens of thousands of hours of free training around the world. &nbsp; Now I'm going to kick it up a notch, and ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on December 11, 2017
  • An Open Letter to the SQL Community: Regarding Speakers

    (Part 1 of 2 -about and for Speakers.) &nbsp; The SQL Server community stands out as one of the most open, sharing, and giving technology communities. Around the world, there are active and robust User Groups, free all day SQL Saturdays, and regional events, all with the singular focus that all who use SQL Server and the Microsoft ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on December 6, 2017
  • re: On Community and Recognition

    A very well deserved award Argenis. Keep on keeping on! Helping the community, that is. The SQL Community is strong because of your efforts. Hold your head high as you don this badge of recognition!
    Posted to Argenis Fernandez (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on July 2, 2014
  • Wanted: Senior DBA or Dev-DBA (And So Darn Hard to Find!)

    I mentor, teach, and consult about SQL Server. Its an incredible tool it is an extremely flexible, adaptable, and complex data environment. SQL Server is capable of bringing tremendous value to an organization when it is configured, tuned, and used appropriately. And one of the things that I am occasionally engaged to do for a client, is to help ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on June 25, 2014
  • Current Thoughts on Interviewing and Hiring Conundrums

    For many organizations, data is the lifeblood that keeps them in business. If the data becomes imperiled, the very existence of the organization is threatened. The folks entrusted with managing the data are often the most critical to the long term success of the organization. Think about it. Great developers are creative, inventive, solve business ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on September 21, 2013
  • Rules of Holes #7: Some Will Look Down on You.

    I've been extoling the Rules of Holes, hoping to give you both courage to get out of your Hole, and solace for having allowed yourself to get in a Hole in the first place. How about the others, the folks that see that you are up to your neck, the folks that could guide you out, the folks that are secretly glad that it is you down in the Hole ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on November 30, 2012
  • Rules of Holes #6: Don't Draw Others Into the Hole with You

    In the Fifth Rules of Holes, you were encouraged to seek help from others in order to extricate youself from the Hole. And it should have been clear in that Rule that you want to seek out those that can actually help you. Not everyone, or just anyone, will be able to help you get out of a Hole. Hopefully, you have a mentor, or will take the ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on November 20, 2012
  • Rules of Holes #5: Seek Help to Get Out of the Hole

    You are moving along, doing good work, maintaining a steady pace. All seems to be going well for you. Then BAM!, a Hole just grabbed you. How the heck did that happen? What went wrong? How did you fall into a Hole? Definitely, you will want to do a post-mortem and try to tease out what misteps led you into the Hole. Certainly you will want to use ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on November 19, 2012
  • Rules of Holes #4: Do You Have the BIG Picture?

    Some folks decry the concept of being in a 'Hole'. For them, there is no such thing as 'Technical Debt', no such thing as maintaining weak and wobbly legacy code, no such thing as bad designs, no such thing as under-skilled or poorly performing co-workers, no such thing as 'fighting fires', or no such thing as management that doesn't ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on November 16, 2012
  • Rules of Holes #3: A Better Shovel is NOT the Answer!

    You stopped digging. You looked around and saw that you were still in the Hole. You needed to get out. AHA! Problem solved, you thought. You'll just get a better and more efficient shovel!I regret to&nbsp;tell you that the Third Rule of Holes applies: Switching to a more efficient shovel&nbsp;is unlikely to help you get out of the Hole. ...
    Posted to Arnie Rowland (Weblog) by ArnieRowland on November 14, 2012
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