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  • re: Hadoop growing pains

    Thanks guys for your comments. First of all, Alex, my post wasn't intended to complain about the open source software. My general point was that Hadoop is in its infancy and there will be a lot of streams of its development in the future. I remember when a friend of mine showed me Linux in early nineties. Who would know then that Linux would gain ...
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on June 25, 2012
  • Hadoop growing pains

    This post is not going to be about SQL Server. I have been reading recently more and more about Big Data very catchy term that describes untamed increase of the data that mankind is producing each day and the struggle to capture the meaning of these data. Ten years ago, and perhaps even three years ago this need was not so recognized. ...
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on June 21, 2012
  • re: Parallel Execution Plans Suck

    Excellent post Paul, We in fact encountered serious performance issue of potentially similar nature on SQL 2008. We had an query that was inserting rows from a join of few tables into a temp table. Everything was fine and the query finished in 20 seconds when there was no PK index on the temp table. When the index was created ...
    Posted to Page Free Space (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on May 4, 2012
  • re: Running SSIS packages from C#

    Sure you can. Since the service runs as singleton, you can have whole asynchronous execution framework implemented. You just enqueue execution of the package into some sort of a queue and return.
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on April 10, 2012
  • Running SSIS packages from C#

    Most of the developers and DBAs know about two ways of deploying packages: You can deploy them to database server and run them using SQL Server Agent job or you can deploy the packages to file system and run them using dtexec.exe utility. Both approaches have their pros and cons. However I would like to show you that there is a third way (sort of) ...
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on April 9, 2012
  • Server level permissions for developers–why you should read books

    It is quite difficult recently for me to find some time to write a new post, so I dont seem to be leading the rankings of the most frequent bloggers. I rarely recently have opportunity to lay my hands on the code too, so natural sources of inspiration are less often. Hopefully this will change in 2012 and I will have more opportunities to write ...
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on January 1, 2012
  • re: DEFAULT constraints and sp_bindefault

    Hi Naomi, You can make SSMS to script what you want. Go to Tools/Options, then select SQL Server Object Explorer/Scripting. I have all constraints, indexes and triggers enabled so I get full picture of what table is when I script it. I most often script the table to investigate its structure rather than open columns, indexes, triggers nodes in ...
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on November 21, 2011
  • re: OUTPUT clause and windowing functions

    I see my name carved in stone in Hall of Fame, forever :)
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on August 21, 2011
  • re: OUTPUT clause and windowing functions

    Hi Paul, Thanks for the update. Somehow I expected email notification from Connect. Well, it looks it's going to be my hobby to check every new version of SQL Server to find out what the fix is :) Piotr
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on August 19, 2011
  • re: OUTPUT clause and windowing functions

    Thanks Paul, I was to add it today. I voted for the item. Piotr
    Posted to Piotr Rodak (Weblog) by Piotr Rodak on August 2, 2011
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