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  • re: Implementing Bi-Directional Transactional Replication

    Change the @@Servername parameters to reflect the name of the servers you are replicating to and from. Do this here: EXEC sp_addsubscription 'BIDINodeB','ALL', @@ServerName, 'BIDINodeA', 'Replication support only', @loopback_detection='true' GO and here: EXEC sp_addsubscription 'BIDINodeB','ALL', @@ServerName, 'BIDINodeB', 'Replication ...
    Posted to Hilary Cotter (Weblog) by Hilary Cotter on March 9, 2012
  • Merge Replication Stored Procedure Conflict Resolver

    A conflict in merge replication occurs when applying a replicated command to the subscriber and: there is a constraint violation Foreign Key Violation Primary Key Violation there is an error modifying data Data domain violation Missing dependencies (trigger firing referencing missing objects) Security violation (the account the ...
    Posted to Hilary Cotter (Weblog) by Hilary Cotter on November 6, 2011
  • re: Implementing Bi-Directional Transactional Replication

    This sounds like a bug. If the contents of MSMerge_conflicts_info is empty and you are centrally logging them, the conflicts should be logged there.
    Posted to Hilary Cotter (Weblog) by Hilary Cotter on October 31, 2011
  • Implementing Bi-Directional Transactional Replication

    Bi-Directional replication is copying data from one server to another where: &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;either server can be the source or destination, and&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; the data being copied can be in the same tables on both sides. For example, I want to replicate a database between Server A and Server B, so that: &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;the data ...
    Posted to Hilary Cotter (Weblog) by Hilary Cotter on October 28, 2011
  • SQL Full-text search anomolies

    On the newsgropes recently I have encountered some posters who are perplexed by the results of their full-text searches. The first poster was puzzled as to why searches on f.b.i. would not find F.B.I. in his content.&nbsp; SQL FTS and Microsoft Search products index uppercased tokens with periods in them differently than other lower or upper ...
    Posted to Hilary Cotter (Weblog) by Hilary Cotter on March 8, 2007
  • handy replication proc

    A friend of mine called me up last night. He had a problem replicating 300,000,000 transactions per day, or was it per hour. Can't recall, it was a late night. Anyhowze, with volumes like this replication might not be the best tool. His problem was that the distribution agent to two of his subscribers was hanging on initializing. From experience ...
    Posted to Hilary Cotter (Weblog) by Hilary Cotter on March 1, 2007
  • transaction marks

    There seems to be some confusion out there in the internet about how to implement transaction marks. Or perhaps I was merely very confused about how to implement them. &nbsp; Transaction marks allow you to restore two or more database to a consistent point in time. For example if you have two database and your app writes to both databases, how ...
    Posted to Hilary Cotter (Weblog) by Hilary Cotter on March 1, 2007
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