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  • re: Azure Data Factory (ADF) leaks – Microsoft’s ETL-in-the-cloud offering is coming

    Let's hope to have a real cloud ETL soon!
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on September 18, 2014
  • Sketch notes from 24 Hours of PASS

    24 Hours of PASS has passed and, beside the slides, demo and video (that will come soon on, this time, thanks to Matt Penny (@salisbury_matt) you can also have very nice and well done sketch notes that summarizes the concept of the sessions Matt attended to, in a very nice, quick, ...
    Posted to Davide Mauri (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on September 14, 2014
  • re: On Agile Data Warehousing

    by &quot;highest granularity&quot; I mean that in the Data Warehouse you should keep your data with no aggregations at all (they will be done in the Data Mart) and with the highest detail possibile. For example, if you have a transactions fact table, just keep them all without aggregating them at the hourly level, for example. Here's there some ...
    Posted to Davide Mauri (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on September 11, 2014
  • re: Updating hadoop user password for HDInsight Emulator

    I'll try to come at next SQL Bits! :)
    Posted to Jamie Thomson (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on September 7, 2014
  • SSIS Dashboard v 0.6.1

    Yesterday Ive released the latest SSIS Dashboard update. There quite a lot of new features included that I found to very useful when you have a server full of packages and logs. Here the complete list: Highlighted the feature I think worth the most: Updated Morris.js to v 0.5.1 Updated MetisMenu to v 1.1.1 Added information on ...
    Posted to Davide Mauri (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on August 29, 2014
  • On Agile Data Warehousing

    In the last month, Ive been working on the slide deck of my Agile Data Warehousing workshop. In order to give to it additional value that goes beyond the pure technical aspects, and since now the Agile approach is becoming more and more mainstream also (and finally!) on BI, I did a small research to check what one can find on the web regarding ...
    Posted to Davide Mauri (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on August 28, 2014
  • SSIS Dashboard 0.5.2 and Live Demo Website

    In the last days Ive worked again on the SQL Server Integration Service Dashboard and I did some updates: Beta Added support for &quot;*&quot; wildcard in project names. Now you can filter a specific project name using an url like: http://&lt;yourserver&gt;/project/MyPro* Added initial support for Package Execution History. Just ...
    Posted to Davide Mauri (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on August 22, 2014
  • SSIS Dashboard v0.4

    Following the post on SSISDB script on Gist, Ive been working on a HTML5 SSIS Dashboard, in order to have a nice looking, user friendly and, most of all, useful, SSIS Dashboard. Since this is a spare-time project, Ive decided to develop it using Python since its THE data language (R aside), its a beautiful &amp; powerful, well established ...
    Posted to Davide Mauri (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on August 19, 2014
  • SSISDB Analysis Script on Gist

    I've created two simple, yet very useful, script to extract some useful data to quickly monitor SSIS packages execution in SQL Server 2012 and after.get-ssis-execution-status&nbsp;&nbsp;get-ssis-data-pumped-rows&nbsp;&nbsp;I've started&nbsp;to use&nbsp;gist since it comes very handy, for this ''quick'n'dirty'' scripts and snippets, and you can ...
    Posted to Davide Mauri (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on July 23, 2014
  • Submitted Abstract Feedback – My 2 cents

    ''WOW. That's exactly the feedback I would have loved to have for ALL my proposals in the past year. And not only for PASS Summit''. No more and no less this is what I thought after having received the mail with all the feedback from the review committee of my PASS Summit proposals. Yeah, sure, I thought it in Italian, but for your convenience, I ...
    Posted to Davide Mauri (Weblog) by Davide Mauri on July 15, 2014
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