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  • My Top Blog Posts for 2016

    (with a nod to @KrispyKreme) Id like to wish everyone reading this post a blessed, peace-filled, and happy 2017! I would also like to thank you for reading this post and any other posts you may have read. Some Blog Post Stats I published 87 blog posts this year at I published most in December (12) and least in October ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 30, 2016
  • Predictions for 2017

    Im hesitant to make predictions for 2017 because Ive read the parts of the Old Testament that deal with prophets whose predictions did not come to pass. Perhaps a better title for this post is Hopes for 2017 or Thoughts for 2017. The Cloud Will Grow (Filed under DUH!) 2016 saw a number of data services introduced and improved in the ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 30, 2016
  • The Recordings for SSIS Academy: Using the SSIS Catalog are Available

    The recordings for SSIS Academy: Using the SSIS Catalog, Day 1,&nbsp;Day 2, and Day 3 are now available (registration required)! Day 1 focused on creating the SSIS Catalog and SSIS deployment.Day 2 focused on SSIS Execution and Monitoring Wednesday. SSIS Configuration was the topic covered on Day 3. :{&gt;
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 27, 2016
  • re: Quickie - SSIS Expression Function - REPLACENULL

    You're not dumb, Louis. ReplaceNull is an awesome SSIS Expression Language function! :{&gt;
    Posted to Louis Davidson (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 23, 2016
  • re: The Recording for Biml Academy - Lesson 1 - Build Your First SSIS Package with Biml is Available!

    Hi Martin, &nbsp; I apologize. I made a change to my account at MeetingBurner and that change impacted my existing links. &nbsp; I've updated the links and included a link to the Biml Academy website. Enjoy! :{&gt;
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 22, 2016
  • Three Free Webinars About Using the SSIS Catalog

    Kent Bradshaw and I are delivering a series of webinars 27-29 Dec 2016 called SSIS Academy: Using the SSIS Catalog. Why? Weve been using the SSIS Catalog in Production since 2012. Weve learned a lot about how it works. Some parts of the SSIS Catalog are complex and we want to share as best we can what weve learned. The daily agenda is: ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 22, 2016
  • SQL Server vNext CTP 1.1 is Available!

    Click here for an overview of updates included in SQL Server vNext CTP 1.1 and click here to download the bits for Windows. :{&gt;
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 17, 2016
  • An Interview With Me

    This post is inspired by Kenneth Fishers [blog | @sqlstudent144] post, An interview with me. Ken suggested, Now if any other bloggers read this and feel like answering questions too Id love to read them so make sure you put a link to your blog down in the comments below. Im in! 1. What are the various database job roles and ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 16, 2016
  • DLM (Database Lifecycle Management)

    As I type, SQL in the City Streamed is running on another monitor, and Alex Yates [DLM Consultants | @_AlexYates_] is screaming (almost), Dont do that! I know a lot of data professionals. I know some of you read this blog. And I know some of you who read this blog are concerned about Database Lifecycle Management or DLM. Its ok for you ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 15, 2016
  • SSIS Catalog Browser Update

    SSIS Catalog Browser has been updated! Catalog Browser is part of the DILM Suite of utilities designed to assist enterprises with Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM). And its free. Catalog Browser provides a rich view of SSIS Catalog contents, configuration, and metadata. The utility surfaces properties, environment variables, ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on December 12, 2016
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