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  • Opinions Change

    Opinions change, and they should change as more and better evidence surfaces. There are words for this: learning and growing are but two of them. Communication plays a key role in changing opinions. Ive been studying communication recently and Ive decided its a miracle anyone is ever able to communicate with anyone else. There are ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on August 26, 2015
  • While You Have It…

    I remind my children who live at home - the &quot;junior engineers&quot; - to deal with the things they have in their hands while they have them in their hands. Why? Because its inefficient to put something down only to pick it up later and put it where it belongs. Like all rules, there are exceptions to this. I also tell them to spend an extra ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on August 26, 2015
  • Presenting SSIS 2014 Data Flow Tuning Tips and Tricks at Triad PASS BI 25 Aug 2015!

    I am honored to present SSIS 2014 Data Flow Tuning Tips and Tricks to the Triad PASS BI chapter in Winston-Salem 25 Aug 2015. Do you want SSIS to go fast? This session is for you! Attend and learn techniques for developing, instrumenting, monitoring, and managing SSIS 2014 Data Flow performance in your data integration enterprise. Session ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on August 24, 2015
  • SSIS Catalog Logging and Reporting in the Enterprise

    The SSIS Catalog, first introduced with the release of SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS 2012), is a big step forward in Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Like all software, the SSIS Catalog performs some tasks admirably and other tasks not so admirably. In this post, I will share ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on August 14, 2015
  • SSIS Design Pattern: Access Parent Variables from a Child Package in the SSIS Catalog

    I am regularly asked about passing variable values between SSIS packages. Tim Mitchell (Blog | @Tim_Mitchell) wrote an excellent Notes from the Field article for the SQL Authority blog called SSIS Parameters in Parent-Child ETL Architectures. Before the first version of the SSIS Catalog was even released, Jamie Thomson blogged about The new ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on August 11, 2015
  • What Customers Want

    Not once, in my combined years of direct employment by enterprises or consulting, has a customer contacted me about an issue about the grain of their date dimension in their enterprise data warehouse. Not one single time. I havent been contacted about cardinality either. Or trouble with execution threading models. Nope. Not ever. Instead, Ive ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on August 10, 2015
  • re: Validate SSIS Scripts Before Closing the VSTA Window

    Hi Koen, &nbsp; I read your old blog a lot but I missed this one. &nbsp; Thank you for all you share with us! :{&gt;
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on August 10, 2015
  • Validate SSIS Scripts Before Closing the VSTA Window

    I love learning new stuff! Im blessed to work with a talented group of individuals at Linchpin People. We often work together in teams and I have to admit, I cherish those times. One reason is I learn something new. Every. single. time. For years, Ive validated SSIS Script Task code by searching for red and blue squiggly lines ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on August 8, 2015
  • Own the SSIS Design Patterns E-Book for $10–Today Only!

    Own the SSIS Design Patterns (2nd edition - updated for SSIS 2014) ebook today for just $10! :{&gt; Learn more:&#160; Stairway to Biml Linchpin People Blog: SSIS Stairway to Integration Services
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on July 30, 2015
  • Presenting Using Biml as an SSIS Design Patterns Engine at Hampton Roads .Net UG 11 Aug

    I am honored to present Using Biml as an SSIS Design Patterns Engine at the Hampton Roads .Net Users Group (@HRNUG) 11 Aug 2015! Business Intelligence Markup Language provides a powerful solution for creating and managing SSIS Design Patterns. Andy Leonard, one of the authors of SSIS Design Patterns, demonstrates the flexibility of Biml in this ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on July 29, 2015
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