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  • Interpreting Communication

    One important thing about which to be self-aware is how you interpret communication. Communication is a two-phase commit. The first part lies with the person communicating. She has an idea she wishes to communicate, and she communicates it in writing or verbally. The second part is with the person (or people) to whom the communication is ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on January 6, 2015
  • Self-Awareness – Feedback

    Self-awareness is an important trait. I believe it is especially important for consultants. For each of us, there is some gap between reality and what we perceive. I believe one measure of humility (or pride) is this self-awareness delta. I also believe we can narrow this gap by engaging in exercises in intentional awareness. Which exercises? ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on January 5, 2015
  • When Wronged…

    My lovely bride and I visited Paris last year for SQL Saturday 323. We stuck around a few days to do touristy stuff and we learned a lot about the history of France. While reading about an uprising in the late 1800s, Christy stumbled upon the story of l'affaire Dreyfus (the Dreyfus Affair). In 1894 Captain Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on January 4, 2015
  • Some Thoughts on Leadership

    The purpose of leading is not to be out front. Being out front is simply where good leaders find themselves. Front is merely a location, it conveys no authority. And it is possible to find oneself out front and not be a leader. The goal of a leader should not be to serve oneself, it should be to serve others. Which others, Andy? Im glad you ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on January 3, 2015
  • Testing

    Its 2015 and we still have no flying cars. (Dear Doc Brown, we still need roads. Love, Andy) On a similar note, weve suffered through another year of software breaches and empty promises to fix the issues behind them. Brian Kelley (Blog | @kbriankelley) was right, We Dont Care About Data and IT Security. Part of the issue is testing. Do you ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on January 2, 2015
  • Attending the PASS Summit

    The PASS Summit is an annual gathering of SQL Server professionals and others interested in learning more about SQL Server. Folks come from all over. Heres a few suggestions for getting more out of your PASS Summit experience. What if Im Not There? Not everyone can attend the PASS Summit. You can still enjoy a taste of the activities via ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on November 4, 2014
  • Repost for 2014: Come to the PASS Summit

    I originally posted this five years ago. Its about my first PASS Summit ten years ago. Ive made a couple edits and added some links. I hope it will encourage you to attend the PASS Summit 2014. :{&gt; &quot;What's the big deal about the PASS Summit, Andy?&quot; Allow me tell my story (again): &quot;Hello. My name is Andy Leonard, and I am an ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on October 3, 2014
  • re: Updated: Creating a Custom SSIS 2012 Task

    Apologies, the links have been fixed. Andy
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on October 1, 2014
  • [Re-] Updated: Creating a Custom SSIS 2012 Task

    Apologies. My first edition of this post copied outdated links to this series. I have corrected the links but left the comments pointing out my earlier error. Thank you to those who let me know! :{&gt;&nbsp; A while back I asked myself: Self, do you think it is possible to create a custom SSIS 2012 task using Visual Studio 2012 Express? That ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on October 1, 2014
  • Reminder: If You Want to Vote in the PASS Board of Directors Election, You Have 6 Days…

    Per Thomas LaRocks post titled Board of Directors Election Update on the PASS Blog: All PASS members who have not yet received a ballot and who had an existing profile as of June 1, 2014, will be given the opportunity to receive a ballot by updating their profiles before October 5, 2014, at midnight PDT. On October 6, we will pull an updated ...
    Posted to Andy Leonard (Weblog) by andyleonard on September 29, 2014
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