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  • re: Relational Data Lake

    Hi Joel Mamedov, yes it is!
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on September 8, 2016
  • re: Setup Azure Data Lake Analytics federated U-SQL queries to Azure SQL Database

    Creation of the secret can also be performed using the Azure Command Line Interface instead of PowerShell. Instead of using the PS command &quot;New-AzureRmDataLakeAnalyticsCatalogSecret&quot; you can use the CLI command &quot;azure datalake analytics catalog secret create&quot;. CLI syntax: azure datalake analytics catalog secret create ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on July 11, 2016
  • Use AdlCopy to generate U-SQL jobs that copy data between Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Store

    AdlCopy is a command-line tool (it runs on the users machine) that allows you to copy data from Azure Storage Containers or Blobs into Azure Data Lake Store. You can use the AdlCopy tool in two ways: Standalone, where the tool uses Data Lake Store resources to perform the task. This can be a cheap and more ad-hoc/manual option to move data ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on June 27, 2016
  • Setup Azure Data Lake Analytics federated U-SQL queries to Azure SQL Database

    One of the major value propositions of U-SQL is that it allows to query data where it lives. For external systems, such as Microsoft Azure SQL Database, this is achieved with federated queries against data sources. &#160; &#160; In order to query these external data sources, a data source object has to be created and referenced that ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on June 17, 2016
  • See you at the PASS Summit 2015 in Seattle!

    My employer Macaw gave me the opportunity to attend the SQL PASS Summit this year, so I am traveling to Seattle tomorrow! Im excited to be there this year because there are so many new technologies being pushed in our direction like the Cortana Analytics suite and SQL Server 2016. At the moment I am already involved in some PoC/pilot ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on October 23, 2015
  • SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview from a BI point of view

    SharePoint Online and Power BI have a lot of attention and focus lately, but what about the on-premises version of SharePoint thats used in almost all serious BI solutions today? Well SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview has just been released by Microsoft, by many stated as the last on-premises version of SharePoint ever. In this blog post I will ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on August 28, 2015
  • re: BI on your terms with SQL Server 2016

    Hi Nacho, I recently attended a session from a SQL Server MVP about SQL 2014 and he told me adding the MSDB to an AlwaysOn Group should be possible from SQL 2014. I had some contact with him about this matter and he told me this was probably in a CTP version of SQL 2014 because it is indeed not possible anymore in SQL 2014 today. So you are ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on June 3, 2015
  • BI on your terms with SQL Server 2016

    The last few years Microsoft's strategy was all about cloud first (or cloud only?), releasing new BI products and updates to existing products to the cloud in high pace without almost any investments in on-premises BI. In 2015 Microsoft seems to change its course, they now aim more on the enabling of hybrid scenarios, investing a lot in both ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on May 22, 2015
  • Power BI Analysis Services Connector Security

    The Power BI Analysis Services Connector can be used to connect from the Power BI service to your on premises tabular Analysis Services models. In this blogpost I will look into the security and authentication possibilities that the SSAS Connector offers. Dynamic row-level security based on the Power BI user name to an on premises SSAS Tabular ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on March 19, 2015
  • re: Relational Data Lake

    @Tony, using HDInsight gives you the possibility to issue Hive and Pig queries. The big advantage of these queries is that they are SQL-like and therefore easy to understand, you dont have to write any Java code. A nice introduction to HDInsight can be found here: The following tutorial ...
    Posted to Jorg Klein (Weblog) by jorg on December 23, 2014
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