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Tibor Karaszi

SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard

The SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard (DPW) is an interesting new tool. It was designed for ease working with SQL Server when you have someone hosting your web-site and you want to publish your database. Sure, you can do backup and restore, but that would involve FTP and you also need priviliges to perform the RESTORE operation.

DPW generates a script of an existing database, including objects as well as data. You can either have this saved as a .sql file, or DPW can connect to your host and upload the database through a web service interfact (which requires the hosting company to install this web service, of course). You can either run DPW through a GUI or command-line.

I gave it a try for my pubs database on SQL Server 2005. The script file seems fine. It doesn't contain USE, so I just created a new database and executed the script in the new database. No error messages. A database diagram indicates the foreign key were carried forward, and some simple SELECT statements indicates that the data is also there. I did not use any schema or data comparsion tool. Also, one would want to test this for a more complex and larger database.

There's not a lot of options in the tool. You can decide whether the scipr is for 2000 or 2005. You can also select to have data only, DDL only or both data and DDL. The other two options are whether to drop objects, and to schema-qualify object names.

I think it is a neat tool, that both is useful for the hosting scenario and when you just want a scipt file for your database, also including data.

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Published Saturday, February 3, 2007 11:02 AM by TiborKaraszi
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