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LINQPad for StreamInsight 2.0

This has come up several times in the wake of our 2.0 release: The new LINQPad driver supporting StreamInsight 2.0 is now live! You can download it as usual through the LINQPad UI:


There are separate versions of the driver only because assembly references are not automatically forwarded for StreamInsight 2.0.

The StreamInsight Team

Published Tuesday, March 20, 2012 5:53 PM by Roman Schindlauer
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Abhijeet Barbate said:

Hi All,

I am Microsoft BI developer and I am in evaluation process of tool for complex event processing for one of my client.

I came across lot of tools from various background like WSo2, Jboss + drools, Nesper and Microsoft StreamInsight and

As I am from Microsoft SQL Server background I prefer the Microsoft tools only.

There is one concern before we finalize this tool is that limit of Streaminsight event processing capacity for per second.

It is 5000 per seconds for Standard version but we are looking for current 15000-20000 (more in coming years) events per  

seconds. So my question is can we cluster multiple Streamlight server to add capacity to handale events per seocnds and  

Required if yes can tell me the location to get this knowledge "how to cluster multiple Streaminsight server".

Thanks and Regards

Abhijeet Barbate

October 4, 2013 6:37 AM
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