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Updated LINQPad Driver and Samples

With the release of StreamInsight V1.2 we also updated our LINQPad driver. It is now aware of StreamInsight versions, so that a sample can fail gracefully if the required library version is not found.

You can install the new driver (of update your existing one) as follows: In LINQPad click on Add connection:


Next, you click on View more drivers:


Scroll down to the Microsoft StreamInsight Driver section and click on Download & Enable Driver:




You can now simply cancel the driver selection window.

The new driver allows to specify various connection properties:


To get the new samples, click on Download more samples:


Scroll down to Microsoft StreamInsight Samples and click on Download into LINQPad:


If you had downloaded samples for an earlier version, confirm that you want to overwrite them. The samples are now available in the StreamInsight subfolder:


We will discuss the features that are demonstrated by the new samples (What’s New in 1.2) in an upcoming series of blog postings.

The StreamInsight Team

Published Tuesday, July 19, 2011 5:45 PM by Roman Schindlauer
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