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PASS Summit is back! Let's talk about the 2018 edition!

PASS Summit is back! This year, the most important event around the world about Microsoft Data Platform will be held again in Seattle (WA) from 6 to 9 of November 2018 and it will be preceded from two pre-conference days at November 5 and 6.

Every year more and more IT Professionals, Technicians, Analysts and Data Scientists consider this event as an unique opportunity to connect to other people, from all over the world, with a passion for data, share their experiences and learn even more about the Microsoft Data Platform.

Do not forget that you will also have the opportunity to meet people that work in the SQL Server Product Team. I want to tell you my experience at PASS Summit 2017. Last year I prepared a session on SQL Graph in SQL Server 2017. While I was working on the demos, I did not understand a behavior of the T-SQL MATCH clause (for who are new with SQL Graph, MATCH clause allows you to specifies a search condition for a graph). Chatting by emails with Shreya Verma (PM at Microsoft SQL Server) she said me something like this:

"Sergio, If you will be at PASS Summit 2017, we will meet and talk about your doubts on this feature".

At the end.. I met Shreya, she clarified my doubts in a very interesting exchange of opinions about SQL Graph Database. She also offered me the opportunity to contribute to the GitHub Microsoft/sql-server-samples repository, this is the result:

I also spent some time in the area dedicated to the SQL Clinic, where people from SQLCAT team are available to clarify doubts and answer technical questions. I spoke with my friend Saverio Lorenzini and his colleagues from Redmond about Indexing Strategies, Trace Flag (documented or not) for monitoring Deadlocks and many other things! 

What other event gives you the opportunity to discuss about these topics with such people? There are not any others!

Are you thinking these people are too busy for a talk with you? Nobody of these names from SQL Server Product Team walk away if you try to meet and talk them, especially in front of a beer in one of Seattle's pubs!

SQL Server 2017 is out, it has amazing features, it runs both on Windows and Linux, this conference is a great opportunity to explore the new features of SQL Server 2017 and to understand better the features already released in the previous versions as well.

If you are undecided about the quality of the content provided at PASS Summit, you can watch the sessions of the previous year on PASS TV, next you will have no doubts!

Are you a beginner with SQL Server? Or a "first timer" at PASS Summit? Do not worry there are many sessions of level 100 and 200, and first timer can count on the "First Timers Guidebook" that it will arrive soon!

What kind of sessions can you expect to find at the PASS Summit 2018? Find it out by the recording sessions of the last 24 Hours of PASS named "Summit Preview", each video is available on detail page of the related session. Read my specific blog post here.

You can find all information you need about PASS Summit on PASS website, for your convenience, here some useful links:

Discount code for UGISS (Italian User Group of SQL Server) members

If you have not already done, sign up for free and join to the Italian SQL Server User Group. UGISS, as an official PASS Local Group, allows you to have a special discount: $150 off on the registration fee. To obtain the discount, specify the following code in the registration page:

See you in Seattle!


Published Saturday, July 21, 2018 9:46 PM by Sergio Govoni

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