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Roman Rehak

PASS 2010 afterthoughts

Last week I was in Seattle at PASS, just like everyone else that's at least remotely interested in SQL Server. Here is a collection of miscellanous thoughts and observations:

- This was my summit #10. I still recall my first PASS ten years ago in San Francisco. It was very small compared to this one and SQL Server was still not taken seriously in the enterprise world. How much has changed in 10 years...
- Speaking of changes, Kevin Kline hasn't changed a bit in 10 years. That's one advantage of your hairline settling early on in life.
- The new management company behind PASS is doing better job running PASS, but I still miss the SmithBucklin crew at the parties. They sure knew how to have a good time
- The Tina Turner impersonator was great, but I would've preferred Rushabh lip syncing in that shiny dress and big wig
- I still don't get that whole Twitter thing
- I decided to count all the friends and acquintances that I ended up chatting with, the number was somewhere around 70. Made a few new friends and reconnected with others
- I am glad I got to see Buck Woody doing a talk before the Microsoft HR bans him from public speaking. But then again, Charlie Sheen is still on TV and remains the highest paid actor, so you never know
- A few more MVPs joined the mothership and work on the SQL Server team now. Does it have anything to do with the recession?
- Booth babes were used heavily in the expo hall to get you in, then quickly get you redirected to the technical people. How outrageous!!!
- From what I saw, the AlwaysOn technology will be huge for people like me running a bunch of 24/7 data centers, if they get it right. Sadly, have to wait for CTP2
- Similarly, the columnar index will be huge for DW tables, if it really runs 100x faster as they claim it might
- One slide about AlwaysOn was funny, promising that it will protect us from unplanned hardware failures. Can somebody explain to me what a planned hardware failure is?
- We may be geeks, but we know how to party

And finally, here is a tip for the next PASS - wear cargo pants to the Welcome Reception and BYOB. I am not cheap by any means but $8 per beer, common...


Published Monday, November 15, 2010 5:31 PM by roman
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