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Roman Rehak

SQL Saturday Boston 2010

Yesterday I presented my "SQL Server Development Tips and Tricks" session at SQL Saturday #34 in Boston. Here are some of my thoughts and observations:

  • I've been crazy busy the last two weeks and only got some time to work on my session Friday evening. I've done this presentation many times so I wasn't worried but it still pays to make sure all the demos are working and re-learn what all the starting points for the demos need to be, things like "delete these objects" or "create a blank database first". The drive to Boston is 3.5 hours from my house so that gave me a chance to rehearse my slides. When I first got into speaking I felt weird about rehearsing but all the public speaking books I got really encourage that and as it turns out, many big shot CEOs and other people who are naturally gifted speakers still do it. I usually end up going over each slide at least twice, I find that it really helps me with the flow. The demos are a little easier but I still do those at least once.
  • This was my first SQL Saturday and I found the overall atmosphere really relaxed and much more friendly than a conference setting. I had at least 15 people stopping me after the session to either say they liked the session, or to thank me for speaking. I had many discussions in the lunch room and discovered that despite of what their driving habits might imply, people from Boston can be very friendly. Overall, there was a great community feel. I also noticed a higher percentage of women than ever before so all those "Women in Technology" initiatives must be paying off.
  • Just like Aaron mentioned, I also need to train mylelf better to repeat all the audience questions. Before each presentation I have every intention of doing that but somehow I keep forgetting to do that.
  • Part of my session materials is my own utility for executing SQL scripts. I will be releasing it soon for public use, I just need to write basic documentation and capture some snapshots.

Adam and Grant did a great job pulling this together. I am looking forward to speaking at the next SQL Saturday in Boston. I am also planning to submit proposals for some other ones as long as they are within one day drive (or hopefullly ride when the weather gets warmer).


Published Sunday, January 31, 2010 10:49 AM by roman
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Jack Locke said:

Hi Roman,

Yes, your presentation on "SQL Dev. Tips 'n Tricks" was really informative, and so easy that even a newbie like me too understood it well.

In that presentation you showed us verious scripts to do developing and administartion tasks, is there any way to have copy of those scripts ?? Also not to forget about the programm you develpoed by yourself to check table details such as pk,fk or constrains.

February 2, 2010 11:07 PM

roman said:

Hi Jack,

I am glad you liked the session. I uploaded the session materials to the SQL Saturday website. You can download them from here:

February 2, 2010 11:14 PM
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