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Rob Farley

- Owner/Principal with LobsterPot Solutions (a MS Gold Partner consulting firm), Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft MVP (SQL Server), and leader of the SQL User Group in Adelaide, Australia. Rob is a former director of PASS, and provides consulting and training courses around the world in SQL Server and BI topics.

Be the surgeon

Hi! - Great that you've found this page, but it's no longer here! You can find the content over at:

Published Tuesday, March 13, 2012 12:13 PM by Rob Farley



Argenis said:

Rob - I'd hire you as our SQL Dev Surgeon any time. I have some (a lot) code that needs an intervention.

Thanks for the post!

March 13, 2012 3:29 AM

Greg M Lucas said:

Funnily enough Rob, you were one of the people I was thinking about in the final paragraph of my T-SQL Tuesday #028 post.  I know I'm not at your level but I also know that I'll never get to your level if I try and become an expert in everything (and neither can anyone else)

March 13, 2012 6:11 AM

Rob Farley said:

Argenis - thanks for the compliment, and you're welcome for the post.

Greg - I'm flattered, but I think you're probably closer than you imagine.

March 13, 2012 7:07 AM

Andy Galbraith (@DBA_ANDY) said:

I have heard this sentiment (or one like it) numerous times in my life, and I realize I have never done a good enough job of embracing it - I am too much of a generalist as my role through the last ten years has always been the production DBA that has to do a little bit of everything.

The question that comes to mind as I read your post relates to the hot new kid (relatively new anyway) in the certification world - the MCM.  I was excited about the MCM when I first heard about it, partially because as I said, I am a generalist (generally a generalist anyway {-:), and I thought I could apply myself and take it down.

...and then I read the spec's - must be a certified DBA and DBDeveloper.


I have never considered myself a developer (maybe a T-SQL developer, but even then not a star) and seeing this made me cross the MCM off my list.

I am starting to ramble, but isn't the design of the broad scope of things like the MCM contrary to "Be a Surgeon"?  What makes more sense moving forward in a career - being the ultimate "know some about everything" as the MCM, or "Being a Surgeon"?

March 13, 2012 9:19 AM

John Paul Cook said:

I have to ask, where does the nurse fit in to all of this? The nurse's role really matters to me!  :-)

March 13, 2012 3:34 PM

Anup Warrier said:

Great post and it helped me to think twice if I am on the right track or not.Thanks for that.

March 19, 2012 1:49 PM
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