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Rob Farley

- Owner/Principal with LobsterPot Solutions (a MS Gold Partner consulting firm), Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft MVP (SQL Server), and leader of the SQL User Group in Adelaide, Australia. Rob is a former director of PASS, and provides consulting and training courses around the world in SQL Server and BI topics.

The blocking nature of aggregates

Hi! - Great that you've found this page, but it's no longer here! You can find the content over at:

Published Tuesday, March 8, 2011 11:12 AM by Rob Farley



Rob Farley said:

Something odd was going on with the links for this. It was saved as a draft on the 7th, and published on the 8th. Hopefully both links work...

March 7, 2011 7:58 PM

kendra little said:

Really great post, Rob! I very much like the mix of optimizer and SSIS information-- I don't tend to read up much on SSIS, but I really enjoy reading your posts.

I did get a little bit of a laugh from this sentence:

"This is all very straight-forward stuff, and information that most people are fully aware of."

You may be spending too much time with geeks, Rob. :)

March 7, 2011 11:17 PM

Tom Powell said:

hanks for the effort.  I especially like the analogy using playing cards, it makes a complex topic clear.

March 8, 2011 6:50 PM

Jes Schultz Borland said:

Thanks for throwing your hat in the T-SQL Tuesday ring Rob! As someone who is just getting more comfortable with execution plans and the query optimizer, and has very little knowledge of SSIS, this is easy-to-understand and helpful info.

March 8, 2011 9:23 PM

Rob Farley said:

Always a pleasure, Jes. I haven't missed a T-SQL Tuesday yet. :)

March 8, 2011 9:54 PM
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