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24 Hours of PASS - Evolution of the Data Platform - The Grand Finale

I am honored that I was selected to present my session "Winning with Column Store: A Customer Story" for the upcoming 24 Hours of PASS event.  Details about my session and the 23 other sessions may be found here - 

I want to thank the other speakers for the preceding sessions warming up the crowd for me.  :-)  Yep, my session is the last one for this event which will start at 7am ET on May 26. 24 Hours of PASS kicks off on May 25 at 8am ET.  There is a lineup of great sessions with extraordinary speakers - so don't let this opportunity to learn about the latest innovations of the Microsoft Data Platform.

If you know my history, I am very excited to be a part of the content for this event!  I first led the effort for this event back in 2009 and have volunteered to help out with this event when I can.  Thankfully, we no longer need to deal with some of the limitations that LiveMeeting forced on us, but LiveMeeting served our needs for the first few years.

This session is a bit different for me.  Often my sessions are focused on how a particular feature or technology works or how to get started on a path to get to the next step.  Although we will highlight some technical details and go over some index basics, I think the more interesting discussion will be around the decisions that we made in this time boxed pilot for this customer.

As the title points out, this is a story from a customer engagement earlier this year.   The session is designed to walk you through the experience as closely as possible and to cover the actions taken to get to the test which shows the magic of the Column Store index.  We had to make some compromises along the way which I will call out.  Our proving ground offered some challenges that never got to where I wanted it to be, but we made due with what we had and did not let "Perfect" be the enemy of the "good" or "good enough".

I really want to encourage everyone to attend.  I also invite you to let your co-workers, friends, customers, and even developers know about the event.  I was fortunate enough to be able to present this session locally at two user group meetings in NC over the past few weeks.  I received valuable feedback that will make this session even better on May 26. I look forward to seeing you at the event!



Published Wednesday, May 18, 2016 1:47 AM by RickHeiges

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RickHeiges said:

The Grand Finale has become the Grant Finale.  Grant and I swapped time slots.  I am now speaking at 7pm ET on May 25.  Grant will have the final session at 7am ET on May 26.

May 20, 2016 4:29 PM

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