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PASS Candidates Announced and Campaign Time Has Begun

Today was the official announcement of the Candidates and the official start of the Campaign.  PASS Campaigns sure have changed a lot since I originally ran for a seat (and lost) in 2002.  The process has changed to become more rigorous in the Nomination stage.  This is a very good thing because in my view, there are no bad choices when the NomCom does their job.  I am of the opinion that all of the candidates are fully qualified to serve PASS well. Thanks to the NomCom, I now have some tough decisions to make.  :-)

There are three seats available this time.  One is designated for US/Canada. Another is designated for EMEA.  And another is not assigned so any of the candidates could win.  Each PASS Member in Good Standing (You will know if you aren't) can vote for up to three candidates.  You cannot vote for the same candidate 3 times. If someone votes for three candidates from EMEA, one of their choices will not win a seat.  Likewise if someone votes for three candidates from US/Canada, one of their choices will not win a seat.  It really forces you to think about potentially voting for someone that you may not be as familiar with.  Or you could just vote for your favorite three regardless of region.  I haven't decided what to do yet as far as how to cast all of my votes except for one.

I read each and every candidate application and platform this morning.  I care very much about PASS and want to see the best advocates for PASS and the community continue the success story, so I take this seriously.  I must admit that after reviewing the information, I felt like I had a much better picture of the candidates.  I am enthusiatically supporting Allen Kinsel for the Board of Directors of PASS.  I was fortunate to serve with Allen on the Board at the end of my service on the Board.  Although we did not agree on all of the discussions, I found that he articualted his point of view effectively in the Board Room and was a tireless worker.  I know that Allen works a real day job (and not a consulting position), but I can't remember him ever pushing something off because his work was too busy.  In my experience, he put a priority on serving PASS and the SQL Community at large.  And we have not had that many non-consultant types on the Board.  Allen brings a unique perspective from that angle.

In closing, I hope that all PASS Members will take advantage of the campaigning activities this week and read the Candidate applications and platforms.  I know that I am still undecided about my two other votes and plan on following the campaign closely this week so that I can make my decision.  We are fortunate that a PASS campaign is one that celebrates the strong points of each candidate and frowns upon putting the other candidate down.  Just because I support one candidate, does not mean that I am against another.  It just means that some choices are not easy, but decisions need to be made.  Go Find your Candidate!  Happy Campaigning!

Published Monday, September 23, 2013 6:59 PM by RickHeiges

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Allen Kinsel said:

Thanks for the enthusiastic support Rick I appreciate it!

September 25, 2013 3:16 PM

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