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24 Hours of PASS - Sep 15/16 PLUS #24hop

This week, the third edition of 24 Hours of PASS will take place on Sep 15/16.  Register here.  I had a PASS blog entry about it here and why it is different this time around.  And now it is actually even longer than 24 hours because Microsoft was able to add 4 bonus sessions. Registering for these bonus sessions is separate.  The reason is that LiveMeeting "events" restricts the number of sessions to 24. 

I was aksed recently how do the sessions/speakers get selected.  Well, it has been different each time so far.  Here is a quick summary.

Last year during the first iteration, this was a new event for PASS which I spearheaded. I contacted the pre/post-con speakers first to see if they were interested.  It is a great vehicle to let people know a little more about them and their pre/post con offering.  We also wanted to get a good mix of DBA, Dev, BI and Professional Development. We also wanted to get speakers from arond the world.  I started to contact speakers who have spoken at the PASS SUmmit before from various places on the globe to fill-in the schedule. There was no "Call" for speakers during this first time around.

This Spring, since the R2 launch was occurring, the focus of 24hop was R2 (not exclusively, but that was the focus).  Tom LaRock led the effort to line-up speakers who have some material aroud R2 features (primarily).  Again, we also wanted to have a mix of "tracks" and speakers from arond the world.

This time (Sep15/16, 2010), we again have a theme for a Summit Preview.  Pre/Post-con speakers can help give a preview of their sessions.  The remainder of the speakers were chosen from other summit speakers who are planning ot speak at the summit.  Again, going with the "theme" of the Summit Preview.  Tom did another great job in getting the sessions/speakers setup.  I hope that you will enjoy the knowledge that all of these exceptional speakers will share.

When is the next 24hop?  Not sure yet... perhaps Feb/Mar timeframe.  How will speakers/sessions get selected?  Not sure yet on that either, but it will probably depend somewhat on the "theme" and if we split it up across 2 days or go back to 24 straight hours.  We're going to see how this week works out first to get addiitonal input/feedback.  Will there be "Community Choice" spots like at the summit?  Right now, I'd say probably.

24hop is a young event.  It will continue to adapt/change/evolve.


Published Sunday, September 12, 2010 11:32 AM by RickHeiges

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Dave Schutz said:

I'm voting to stay with the 2 day format vice the straight 24 hour format.

Thanks for 24 hours of PASS!

September 14, 2010 11:43 AM

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