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OT: Observations of how technology made things SO MUCH BETTER and how it doesn't help everything

My mother-in-law had a camera that still uses film.  She isn't really technical, but her camera was acting up over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Her birthday is coming up in a couple of days, so we decided to get her a digital camera (one of the Black Friday Bargains).  I started to think back to how technology has really changed things like photography.  Before Digitial Cameras, there was a lot of planning and preparation of taking pictures because film was expensive and you did not really know what you got until the film was developed.  With today's cameras, take a bunch of pictures, view them instantly, and delete the ones that you don't want, post them to a picture sharing site onthe internet, and you just solved a lot of problems that took a lot of time.

One other example is of course Word Processing.  Who would go back and use a typewriter now?  What about Presentation software like PowerPoint - before programs like these, you had to actually create slides that you put in a slide projector.  There are many more....

Is Kindle and other "readers" a fad or is it a paradigm shift? Are online on-demand streaming of TV Shows and Movies replacing the "appointment TV" that we have grown up with? 

What Technology hasn't replaced (at least yet)....

Pencil / Paper - it is still the quickest and most inuitive way to jot a quick short note.  It is also considered appropriate almost anywhere as it will not interefere with the navigational systems of airplanes and people don't look at you funny if you jot down a note in church.  Try that with any electronic device and you will either be accused of jeopardizing flight safety or being rude (or not taking the message seriously).

Junk Mail - Yes SPAM still abounds in our inboxes, but that is fairly well handled or at least ignored by us.Yesterday, I got a bunch of junk mail (coupons, flyers, speciall offers just for me).  I threw most of it out - MOST of it.  But since it got in my hands and I looked at it for a few seconds, I found a coupon that I could use.  The ability to get an ad into your hands still has value to the advertiser.

What else has Technolgy not yet taken over?  What is the next thing to be taken over by technology

Published Thursday, December 3, 2009 10:55 AM by RickHeiges
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