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Some things don't change - Partitioning

After spending the past couple of weeks at the MVP Summit in Seattle and at SQL Connections in Orlando, I thought I should blog about things that do not change in 2008 (at least partially).

One of the reason s to partition your tables is to make it more managable.  Although there has been some enhancements in the manner that partitions are processed when queried, there are still some conerns that need to be addressed.  In SQL 2005, one of the big features announced was the ability to partition your tables into smaller segments so that it could be managed easier.  In SQL 2008 this is also true as you would expect.  One constraint from SQL 2005 is still there in 2008.  This is the ability to reindex a partition online.  This is still missing in SQL 2008.  The ability to reindex a partition exists in SQL 2005.  The ability to reindex online exists in SQL 2005 as well, But putting these two things together does not function in SQL 2005/2008.

I am not slamming SQL Server, but I hope the ability to reindex a partition online will be available in the next release.  There are many other reasons to upgrade to SQL 2008.  I was hoping that this would have been addressed.



Published Sunday, April 27, 2008 8:09 PM by RickHeiges

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