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Caught by the roving eye at TechEd, Catching Up on Katmai

I was in Orlando for Tech for 2.5 days.  It was great to see some old friends and make new ones too.  I saw fellow SQLBloggers like Kalen, Kevin, and of course Peter to drop a few names.  Today, a colleague of mine on the Board of Directors with PASS shot me an e-mail.  On the red-gate website, there is a video testimonial by a Sr. DBA from United Health Group.  I am caught lurking in the background.  Just go to and play the video to see me lurking.

Now, on to more SQL Stuff....   I was able to speak with PMs while hanging out in the SQL area about Katmai.  I attended 2 sessions on SQL Server 2008.  From my first impressions so far, SQL 2005 was the meat and 2008 is the sizzle.  There are some really cool things going on in 2008 like the Policy based management functionality to help enforce best practices as well as additional Performance and Scalability enhancements.  Usability has also been improved with "Intellisense" finally getting in a release (it was in Beta 1 of Yukon, but got cut). The most general session with an overview of Katmai - SQL 2008 is available for viewing at - I encourage you to view this webcast to get the "big picture" and a few morsels.  I have not been able to find the other recorded TechEd sessions on SQL 2008 thus far.

And now for something completely unrealted.  This morning, we got a Wii. It was hard to find, but we finally got one at an electronics store by being lucky.  Anyway, the Wii has a very different interface that makes game playing very interesting.  It tracks the movements of the controllers to enable more "life like" gaming.  It isn't going to improve my golf game, but it was still a lot of fun to play by actually swinging your arms like a golf club.  Although I only got about an hour to spend with the game system tonight, i felt like I knew what i was doig when first playing the games.  i wonder if this will influence the interfaces that we will utilize in the future to conduct business.  Will we virtually take out a credit card from our wallet and swipe it to complete a transaction?  Will some type of controller movement be our new signature?  Where will we store all of the data need for this to happen?



Published Wednesday, June 13, 2007 10:52 PM by RickHeiges

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